“You’re All Going to Die” – Iain Duncan-Smith’s Stark Warning

Iain Duncan-Smith stated categorically yesterday, that if we stay in the EU, you are going to die. Not only that - it will be in the most horrific way possible!

We're All Going to Die
“End of Days – if we say in the EU”
Image Courtesy of Mattbr Under the CCn BY2.0 License

In a stark warning to the entire population of the UK, Iain Duncan-Smith announced that Britain would face Paris-style terrorist attacks if we remain in the EU, instead of voting to leave in the referendum on 23rd of June. Then, in attempt to put the fear machine into full throttle, he went on to explain that it would quite literally be the end of days.

Biblical Proportions

“We shall be plagued with pestilence and famine, for at least 100 years after voting to stay in,” he prophesied. Rivers will run red with blood and the seas around the British Isles will boil. There will we suffering on biblical proportions – so vote for Brexit”.

First Born Males

Mr Duncan-Smith them went on to explain that if we remain in the EU, all first born males will be killed and, over the years that follow,  at least 80% of the population will die from starvation and disease.

“On the plus side, this will bring down the welfare and pensions bill quite a lot”, he postulated.


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