Have ISIS got an image problem?

Hardly a day goes by without ISIS making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. Our lifestyle guru Harmony Blossom explores ways in which they can smarten up their flagging image.

Isis have an image problem.
Image Problem? Lose the swords and guns!
Cropped picture courtesy of Quapan – Creative Commons BY2.0

I don’t know what it is these days, but every time I open a newspaper or turn on the television, or even go on the internet, it’s all ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. This group of feisty young men seems to have shot to fame over the past couple of years .

Charity donations and hard work ethic

It strikes me that  along with their rise in popularity, ISIS have developed an image problem. When is the last time you saw an article reflecting on their charity donations, or hard work ethic? Like rock stars who are in the news for taking drugs, or trashing hotel rooms, ISIS have now become synonymous with beheadings and throwing homosexuals off buildings. These antics may seem like fun for a while, but when it appears in our media day after day it begins to grate with members of the public. If ISIS are not careful they will reach a point where it will be very difficult to turn around public perception of their group.

Positive Spin

So ISIS, what can be done? In my opinion, you now need to concentrate your efforts on positive activities. The first thing you need to do is to employ a press officer, or publicist who will be able to put a positive slant on any story in the media. Any publicist worth their salt will be able to promote the  ISIS cause with a positive spin, without drawing attention to the less tasteful actions of your organisation.

ISIS Charity Bag Pack
Bag Pack’s are popularity with the community and can raise money for charity.
Image cropped, courtesy of wikimedia cc sa 3.0.

Organise a fun run or a “dance off”

The next thing to do is to go out of your way to present yourselves as upstanding members of society. Ditch the swords, guns and dusty desert attire and wear a nice suit. Sign up to open a few supermarkets, or hospital wards – this is great for publicity and can be lucrative too, earning those all important funds to further your political stance in a legal way. Don’t shy away from charity work; true, it doesn’t make you money but it will present you as a good honest group of people. Get a few members to do a fun run, or organize a “dance off” for “Children in Need”; the possibilities are endless! Have a read through my summary below for my top 5 ideas for public relations success.

Top Tips for Improving ISIS’ Image

  1. Public beheadings are messy and attract a lot of negative publicity, organise a bake sale in aid of cancer research instead.
  2. Throwing gay people off buildings can lower house prices in the surrounding area, rather than upset the locals, why not take part in some volunteer work at a local care home for the elderly.
  3. Enslaving women for sex does not promote equal opportunities. An outreach program for disadvantaged children would make the headlines for the right reasons!
  4. Declaring a religious war against the west is bad for diplomacy. A better option is to take part in a charity Christmas single. The ISIS Choir has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?
  5. Coordinated terror attacks on capital cities around the world are difficult to organise and are at a high risk of failure due to heightened security across the world. A “bag pack” at a local supermarket is an easy way to raise much-needed funds, or charity donations and the supermarket does most of the organising for you!

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Brenda Moron
January 26, 2016 23:04

I agree, if they really want to be noticed they should do good deeds. When my grandson comes round to stay and he misbehaves, we just ignore him. He will eventually give up. If however he does something good – like wash the car, then we praise him, and reward him with a nice shiny fifty pence piece.
Come on ISIS, wash a couple of cars instead of stoning adulterers, and you will get my vote!