Supermarket Ruins Valentine’s Day

Lancashire man Terry Blun, blames Tesco substitutions for a ruined Valentines treat for his fiancee.

Valentine Ruined
Supermarkets Should Do More
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It was supposed to be a romantic meal and relaxing night in for Terry and his fiancée Sharmaine, when he ordered the Tesco £10 meal deal for two.

Terry’s Valentine’s Day treat was, however, ruined thanks to a variety of unimaginative substitutions made by the Tesco Click and Delivery service.

“The microwave ‘Chicken in White Wine Sauce’ meal  was interchanged for two shepherd’s pie meals for one. This was a nightmare as they had to be prepared separately! That’s 4 minutes each for a 900w oven,” a furious Terry ranted, from his £120,000 semi-detached home in Barnoldwick.


But this wasn’t the only mistake that outraged, the 27 year old ‘Romeo’. The ‘finest’, luxury vegetables, were replaced by a bag of badly chopped cauliflower and carrot pieces.

“The luxury vegetables came in their own plastic micro-wavable container. This value substitute didn’t and I needed to transfer them into a Pyrex dish. This is just NOT acceptable,” he fumed.

Terry Blun Sad
“Furious”, Terry Blun, earlier today.
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The dessert didn’t fare much better, with the chocolate cheese cake, being replaced with an apple crumble.

“The whole thing has been a total disaster and ruined my Valentine’s day. I hope that Tesco are proud of themselves; this is people’s lives they are messing with,” complained Terry, with the air of a person vying for compensation.


Terry’s fiancée, Sharmaine Colt told us, “It’s disgusting, I was left in tears. We are also going to complain to our broadband provider too. The illegal movie streaming site we were using to watch the romantic movie ’50 Shades of Gray’, kept buffering. Terry was ‘on a promise’ and this totally ruined the moment. This isn’t good enough, Valentine’s day is a very special day for people in love and we feel let down.”

A spokesperson from Tesco told us; “To be honest anyone who spends £10 on a Valentine’s day meal deal deserves everything they get. It’s not even a great deal, the items bought separately only come to £10.20 anyway!”

When pressed about compensation for the couple, Tesco replied, “Aside from the fact that they didn’t have to accept the substituted items, we will probably offer them 500 reward points or something. That usually shuts up idiots like these.”



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Jack Dumped - UK
February 14, 2016 16:59

I once got an Asda meal deal for two and it tasted like poo. It ruined my romantic weekend, as my girlfriend dumped me. These “super”markets should know better.