Cameron – “Of course I’m not sending my son to a state school – LOL!”

Downing Street reacted with amusement today, when asked why the Prime Minister is considering a really expensive independent school for his son as opposed to a state school.

David Cameron State Schools
Send my son to a state school? LOL!
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It emerged yesterday that David Cameron, is considering a range of really posh and expensive schools to send his son. This is despite suggesting in 2009, before he was elected that he would really like his children to go through the state education system.

Common Practice

When asked about this sudden change in opinion a Downing Street spokesperson explained that David Cameron’s initial opinion about state schools was before the 2009 general election. “It is common practice for politicians lie, because if they told the truth about their personal lives and intended policy they would never get elected.”

Beaten to a Pulp

They went on to say, “Do you really expect our Prime Minister, a former Eton student to actually send his own child to mix with children in the state education system? Let’s face it, if you sent David Cameron into a public place without his body guards he would get beaten to a pulp – imagine what they would do to his kid?”

Left in a Pub

When pressed about why he chose to send his daughter to a state school they replied, “There are two reasons why the Prime Minster sent his daughter to a state school, the first, it was before the 2015 general election and the second, she is female and it therefore doesn’t matter. He left her in a pub remember!”

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Mr Humphries

I think Mr Cameron has a right to send his children to whatever school he likes. It is also a sensible idea. I’m a teacher in a state school and if I had the son of the Prime Minster (who has frozen my salary for the last 5 years) in my class, I would make his life a misery.


Maybe he should send her to piggy school so he can have fun penetrating the class pet

George Gideon Smith

I remember well the first time I met Cameron at Eton. We were behind the bike sheds and he offered me a fag. Gideon, I believe his name was.