Donald Trump Says Something Sensible and Inoffensive

Trump's presidential campaign was in tatters yesterday, when he said something sensible and inoffensive at the latest GOP rally.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, being nice, yesterday
Image courtesy of Gage Under the CC BY-SA3.0 License

Donald Trump’s ratings have gone from strength to strength in recent weeks on the back of a range of offensive, ill-informed and ridiculous comments.

However, at the GOP rally yesterday, he suffered his biggest ratings slump of the campaign so far when he said something nice about people from a different country.

Solution to the Problem

In the speech he suggested that the people from Brazil, were hard-working and industrious and that as a developed country America must do all it can to find a solution to the problem of the Zika virus. A transcript of the speech is below.

Brazil is full of hard-working and industrious people. It is a nation that is developing fast and is in charge of its own destiny. As a fully developed nation America must stand with Brazil on developing a solution to the Zika virus problem. This is for the sake of Brazil and the rest of the world“.

Critics of Trump were quick to point out that he was losing his edge in the campaign.

Not Fit for Office

“Donald Trump’s campaign hinges on the fact that he is quite deliberately offensive to pretty much everyone. This “niceness” was a gamble, and it is a gamble that did not pay off and I think it proves that he is not fit for office.” ranted political analyst Herbert Trumpet.

Real Zinger

However, one of Trump’s campaign organisers, Randy Barf told The Druid’s Loom, “Donald Trump hates everyone except Donald Trump. This was a one-off detraction from his usual rhetoric and he will be back on form next week. You should see his speech on people with HIV, it’s a real zinger!”.[jetpack-related-posts]

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